Department of Electrical Engineering


"The vision Electrical Engineering Department is to meet the need of global industry and to develop them into skillful engineers with human value and professional ethics."


M1 :Follow the evalution of our discipline boundaries and reflect them in our offered cirriculum.
M2 : To impart strong fundamental and applied knowledge in the electrical deploma discipline.
M3 : Student traning,support our student's development of critical thinking,problem solving and teamwork skill.
M4 : Provide our students with an undoustands of the continusly increasing contribution of the electrical engineering deispline society
M5 : To Provide high-qulity education to our students.

Training and Workshop

Mr.Nikam Swapnil,lecturer attended 5 days workshop on MATLAB softwear traning at K.K.Wagh ploytechnic on date from 2/01/2018 to 6/01/2018
Mrs.Dighade Ujawala,HOD attended one day cirriculum program at Govt.Polytechnic Ahmednagr on date 19/06/2018.
Mr.Tarate Vaibhav,Lecture attended 5 dyas industrial traning program at L & T Pune on Date From 14/01/2018 to 18/01/2018.from 14/01/2018 to 18/01/2018.
Mr.Bhosale A.R Lecture attended 3 day industrial training program at Dahanu Thermal power plant on date 12/09/2017 to 14/09/2017

Gest Lectural

Expert lecture on "Basic of Electrical Engg"Given by Mr.More S.S.on 2/08/2018 for student of TY Electrical.
Expert lecture on "Basic of microcontroller & embedded system"given by Mr.Parkhe S.N on 06/09/2018 for studnet of TY Electrical.
Expert lecture on "Basic Power generation"given by Mr.Khatke .P.B on 19/08/2017 for student of SY Electrical.
Expert lecture on "Basic of Microcontroller "given by Mr.Yogesh Mande on 22/01/2018 of SY Electrical
Expert lecture on "Skill Development"given by Alumni Mr.Dutare G.R on 22/01/2018 for student of SY & TY Electrical.